What is the NMRR?

The NMRR allows for the curation of materials data into a repository using predefined templates. The system also allows for browsing and exploring of the materials data using the predefined templates as well.


How do I get access to the NMRR?

An individual may make a request to access NMRR using the online request form. Once the NMRR administrator accepts the account request, the user is notified that the account is created with the appropriate credentials.


What are some of the activities I can do on the NMRR?

A user can enter and curate materials data, search and explore materials data, and perform a federation of queries across several NMRR instances.


Can I use NMRR using a RESTful API?

Yes, NMRR supports RESTful APIs. The NMRR REST-based APIs allow the integration with other Web services, data entry, query, and retrieval. The RESTful API documentation can be accessed here.


How do I get help with questions?

A Google Group has been established for discussion/questions about the CDCS systems developed by NIST. A Google account is required for posting.


How do I contact the NMRR administrator for questions?

You can contact the NMRR administrator using this form.